Orange Meadow Hawk – Mississippi

As I’ve stated before in previous blogs I love macro photos or as I frequently call them “Macroscapes”. I’m going to simplify this photo description as much as possible for a very complex little but extreme eating machine!!! As if the obvious eyes and legs aren’t complex enough consider; the eggs over winter, hatch in spring, and the aquatic naiads live underwater for a few months before emerging (some northern species live as long as three years, and most of that is spent as a naiad). Last year’s egg becomes this year’s egg-maker. Although they practice Simple/Incomplete metamorphosis, dragonflies and damselflies undergo a fairly dramatic change in both appearance and habitat from naiad to adult. Their lives both below and above the water’s surface are spent as avid carnivores (and they target mosquitoes in both stages). Now in June, mostly in full swing as adults I’ve truly enjoyed sharing this months Featured Photo,  I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate your comments and opinions on this photo.  GBU, Outdoor Photography 

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