September 2022 Feature Photo – Alaska Fjords

Only in Alaska Fjords – Harding Ice Field Origins

This 2022 calendar year I decided to go with two months featuring Alaska Fjords. A great travel tip if you’re going to Alaska with your camera gear. Fly to Anchorage, rent a vehicle and drive down south to Seward. Prebook a Day Cruise to see whales and glaciers. Three days work best, day 1, drive down, day 2, cruise, day 3 drive back. On camera gear, a great tip is two camera bodies. One for wide angle scenes and one for zoom telephoto lens for wildlife. Four batteries with chargers.

Trust me, you’ll see plenty of Landscapes and wildlife. Stay ready, stay focused as you go and come. Day 1 & 3 will give you time to stop as needed for some unbelievable shots. Day 2, cruise day trip, plan on bringing a monopod to steady your shots from waves on the boat. Use both lens, telephoto for wales (wildlife) and wide angle lens for Rocky Fjords with Mountain backgrounds, and of course glacier shots. Here’s what will happen, focus on your waterscape shots and use the passengers and boat captain to warn you of whales, trust me they’re all looking for them and will alert you. The captain will always stop the ship for whales/wildlife and glaciers so you’ll have time to get the shot. I hope this helps you get some awesome shots. Oh, the day cruise normally includes a steak or salmon lunch. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on “ONLY IN ALASKA FJORDS” All the best, Outdoor Photography

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