November 2022 Featured Photo – Winter Covered Inlet – Alaska

Make no mistake, Alaska is a very pristine state. The Cook Inlet runs south from the Anchorage Bowl and into the Gulf of Alaska. The Inlet in this case, Turnigain Arm it’s called has some of the most beautiful landscape you’ll ever see. But the seasonal changes are even more incredible. Take a tide change of over eleven feet, freezing temperatures, and a couple feet of snow across the Turnagain Arm and you have yourself some amazing dynamics in scenery. What happens is the incoming tide freezes over, then the outgoing tide exposes truck size remnants of mini snow covered icebergs. The results is obviously a “winter covered Inlet” of landscape beauty. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to work with my camera here in the winter seasons. I hope you enjoy this months Feature Photo and I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.


Daniel Hartsfield

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