July 4th Ribbon Lights- Mississippi

Feature Verse: Exodus 14:13 & 14

I remember as a college student seeing our nation of America having it’s 200th birthday “Bicentennial” as it was called.  I guess Ive always been just a little patriotic. So, in this photo we’re seeing the fireworks going off at a July 4th celebration.  Fireworks bring shown at a slow shutter speed,  iso 100, wide angle lens.  An open “bulb” or open shutter actually.  The results are pretty incredible,  and as you may can tell I love taking these types of photos. I call them “ribbon lights” and will be adding a complete category of them to my website soon.  I hope you enjoy this months Featured photo and Happy 245th birthday to America.  I would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this photo.  


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