Laguna Beach – California

Laguna Beach- California 

Feature verse: James 5:7

Ive had the opportunity to visit California several times and this last time I traveled there for meetings in Irvine and got a chance to visit Laguna Beach and just happened to have my camera gear.  What I was hoping for was the ocean waves splashing on a rocky coastline “sunset”. Well, it was close but clouds rolled in to the west just in time to block the sun. This rocky beach is a vast ecosystem of “Tide Pools” and is a Marine Protected Area.  So, no fishing,  picking up shells or anything like that.  To my surprise the coastline was very clean and pristine having over six million visitors annually.  This photo captures such Tide Pools loaded with shell life and plant life.  In the background is the setting sun behind the clouds.  I will share more later on splashing ocean waves on the rocky beach.  I hope you enjoy this photo and I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. 


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