Gosling Landing – Portage Creek, Alaska

One of my passions about being in Alaska is the abundance of wildlife.  Watching and photographing them brings the excitement to a whole new level.  To experience the waterfowl migration full circle in and out of Alaska is a tremendous opportunity.  By the time August rolls around most of the hatchlings, ducklings and goslings are in training and beginning to practice landing on lakes and rivers. Overall this is about learning to find food, like aquatic plants and taking off the training wheels from each new flight around the original nesting area.  Ultimately,  these flights and landings will become routine and following the adult leaders in formation will as a result teach the young goslings as captured here, to fly for the first time at higher altitudes and migrate south,  thousands of miles out of Alaska for the winter.  I’m blessed to have had this opportunity to share a first time Gosling landing in training. I would love to hear your comments about this photo.
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