Huckleberry Snow – Mississippi

I grew up spending time in the outdoors. One of the things I learned to do as a young boy was picking wild berries.  There were scuppernongs, (wild grapes), Mulberries,  Muscadine,  Black berries,  and the feature bush here is Huckleberries just to name a few. Huckleberries have a unique flavor as compared to blueberries are probably more tart but can be used in much the same way.  Such as a pie, in jams, and in pancakes,  don’t think I ever had Huckleberry juice but the species is still found growing wild all over the Southeastern United States. A while back, one morning at sunrise I was hiking after a light snowfall from the night before. I came across this Huckleberry Bush that caught my attention in the early morning sunlight. Thus the photo title “Huckleberry Snow”. I’d love to hear your comments about this photo. 
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