Atchafalaya Reflection

5-41-atchafalaya-reflectionI had the desire to go do some photography in the Atchafalaya Swamp. I wasn’t sure what all to expect but kind of 
had some ideas as to what I was looking for in subject matter. I’d done some review of other well known photographers from this swamp and don’t attempt to copy any of them at all. After making several trips with my camera gear I’d found several shots I was very glad to get. Huge cypress trees, lots of spanish moss, waterfowl, cypress knees, and a little bit of other wildlife but no alligators! It was early spring and high water level had them deep in the swamp mud. No gators to be found this time around. This “September Feature Photo” shows a sunset on the Atchafalaya swamp bridge.  Here hundreds of thousands of travelers cross this some 20 mile long dual span bridge and never know what’s below them. 
Several friends from this area who grew up in or near the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp helped me to go into the best areas. 
First, let me say I’m grateful for having done this with my wife and I together, I’m also, grateful for the help of my friends and for having a whole new outlook on the largest swamp in North America. 
Daniel Hartsfield Outdoor Photography.
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