Brown Pelicans – Horn Island, MS

On this particular day my wife and I went out by boat to the Island with family.  We packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon hiking around the shoreline and beaches looking for wildlife and waterfowl.  On the south side of the island some of the beach was roped off due to nesting Terns. As we made our way to the north shoreline I noticed a long line of Pelicans and Terns perched on a sand bar parallel to the beach, about 10 feet wide and several 100 yards long.  This made for the perfect portrait example of natural waterfowl resting to dry their wings after a long day of fishing.  I love how the contrast between the beach and gulf blue saltwater works in the background.  It was a great day on the Island. I’d love to hear your comments about this photo. 
Outdoor Photography 
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