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Sunflower Macro – Poplarville, Mississippi

On a rendezvous with my wife and daughter we met at this amazing Sunflower Farm. The farm had several stages of Sunflowers in full bloom. I was able to capture several macros with different shades […]

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Brown Pelicans – Horn Island, MS

On this particular day my wife and I went out by boat to the Island with family.  We packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon hiking around the shoreline and beaches looking for wildlife […]

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Homer Eagle

I love to photograph and simply just watch eagles. During this particular day of photographing eagles I just hadn’t seen what I was looking for. So, joined by my wife and daughter we packed up […]

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Denali Grizzly – Denali Park, Alaska

All of God’s creations in wild are amazing for me. This just happens to be one of my favorites.  We’ve been in the Denali Park many times,  and there’s a pretty sure chance you’ll see […]

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Wild Pink Honeysuckles – Mississippi

On the morning of this macro-photo, I came across these wild pink honeysuckles while hiking in the forest. I started to notice the bumble bees pollinating the blossoms. Immediately, I begin to get my lens close enough […]

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Sunday Drive – Wisconsin

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon my wife, fur babies, and I decided to take an autumn drive. We headed north into Wisconsin along the beautiful St. Croix River. We were looking to enjoy the fall […]

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Homer Spit Boat – Alaska

While out looking for bald eagles I ran across some old boats from years gone by that caught my attention. Each one sort of told it’s own story about ideas such as when it was […]

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Trumpeter Swans – Eagle River

On this early morning I was captivated by this pair of swans foraging on the aquatic plants in the stream. Although peaceful and serene, they were alert to any possible predators. These two gave me […]

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Bald Eagle

Happy 4th of July everyone. My Feature Photo for July is an eagle shot that I captured at DeLong Lake in Alaska. I thought it would be nice to overlay my American flag with the […]

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Mississippi Blueberries

This months June 2018 Feature Photo – Initially several years ago I had plans to put in a full blown Blueberry Orchard and started with 80 test plants to see how well they would grow on […]

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