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July 4th Ribbon Lights- Mississippi

Feature Verse: Exodus 14:13 & 14 I remember as a college student seeing our nation of America having it’s 200th birthday “Bicentennial” as it was called.  I guess Ive always been just a little patriotic. […]

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Orange Meadow Hawk – Mississippi

As I’ve stated before in previous blogs I love macro photos or as I frequently call them “Macroscapes”. I’m going to simplify this photo description as much as possible for a very complex little but extreme […]

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Willow Summer Fun – Black Creek, Desoto National Forest, Mississippi

To say that I (we) my wife and I love labradors is an understatement.  Meet Willow,  she’s a five year old Pointer Lab bred to have a smaller frame and easier to transport in bush […]

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Doe and Fawn – Red Creek, Mississippi

As I share this photo I’m reminded of just how peaceful,  graceful and beautiful wildlife can be especially that of the whitetail deer. When the fawn nurses if the doe senses danger she will move […]

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Little Su – Hatcher Pass, Alaska

Several factors come into play when making that stunning capture of a beautiful landscape photo.  Time of day, weather,  vantage point, settings, color pallet and the right filter just to name a few.  But, the […]

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Magnolia Bloom, Mississippi

If you spend very much time at all in Mississippi during late summer you’ll notice these large hardwood trees with big dark green, shinny leaves and white blooms the size of a dinner plate.  This […]

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Independence Day Celebration – Mississippi

I have a nickname for slow shutter speed photography at night or dusk, I call them “ribbon lights”. I’ve enjoyed doing them for several years now. It does require a special setup for vantage points […]

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Sunflower Macro – Poplarville, Mississippi

On a rendezvous with my wife and daughter we met at this amazing Sunflower Farm. The farm had several stages of Sunflowers in full bloom. I was able to capture several macros with different shades […]

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Brown Pelicans – Horn Island, MS

On this particular day my wife and I went out by boat to the Island with family.  We packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon hiking around the shoreline and beaches looking for wildlife […]

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Homer Eagle

I love to photograph and simply just watch eagles. During this particular day of photographing eagles I just hadn’t seen what I was looking for. So, joined by my wife and daughter we packed up […]

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