Little Su – Hatcher Pass, Alaska

Several factors come into play when making that stunning capture of a beautiful landscape photo.  Time of day, weather,  vantage point, settings, color pallet and the right filter just to name a few.  But, the […]

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Magnolia Bloom, Mississippi

If you spend very much time at all in Mississippi during late summer you’ll notice these large hardwood trees with big dark green, shinny leaves and white blooms the size of a dinner plate.  This […]

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Gosling Landing – Portage Creek, Alaska

One of my passions about being in Alaska is the abundance of wildlife.  Watching and photographing them brings the excitement to a whole new level.  To experience the waterfowl migration full circle in and out […]

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Independence Day Celebration – Mississippi

I have a nickname for slow shutter speed photography at night or dusk, I call them “ribbon lights”. I’ve enjoyed doing them for several years now. It does require a special setup for vantage points […]

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Blue Duster Dragon Fly – Mississippi

As I began several years ago to categorize photos, I started to place all of my smaller more detail work (macros) into my “Artscape” category. Although, I love the outdoors and nature, I’m always taken back by […]

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Knik River Sunset – Alaska

In Alaska, with a myriad of fjords, lakes, inlets and coast lines there is no lack of beautiful sunsets. The challenge for Outdoor Photography in this awesome landscape is finding the focal point, perspective, and […]

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Homer Floating Dock – Homer Alaska

One really huge bonus about living in Alaska is having the opportunity to visit Homer-Spit. It’s a fishing mecca and considered the Halibut fishing capital of the world. I had the pleasure to visit there […]

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Bumblebee on Blueberry Bud – Mississippi

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors and nature.  I never paid attention to blueberry blossoms until growing my own blueberries.  They’re quite unique and very attractive.  So, I can see why the bees come to them. […]

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Eastern Bluebird – Mississippi

I love to catch photos of winter birds and winter migration. From waterfowl to the high strung pine warblers. So many interesting and beautiful birdscapes to look for in the great outdoors.  I was actually […]

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Earthquake Park Frost – Anchorage, Alaska

We love many things about spending the winter in Anchorage Alaska. One being the dynamic change that occurs in the outdoors. Occasionally, when the temperature drops down and there’s freezing fog, sometimes called “hoar frost”, […]

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